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We believe that real food brings people together and our vision is to inspire people around the world to come together through Greek Mediterranean diet.

Greece has been blessed with the finest ingredients like the Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Feta Cheese. Founded in 1904, Minerva is the longest established manufacturer in Edible Oils and fats, as well as a dynamic player in Cheese in the Greek market.

Olive oil was, is and will remain a valuable asset for us and our diet, as long as, it is pure and authentic. We, at Minerva, care about olive oil, and this is evident from the finest olive varieties we choose, in order to offer the best extra virgin olive oil.

Cheese-making is a process that starts with milking and ends with the formation of the cheese itself. This is the only way to ensure a product of unique character, rich flavor and high nutritional value. We invest time, dedication and knowledge for every single piece of cheese that we produce.

We are committed to supporting Greek farmers who respect their products and the environment, to creating transparency around food quality and where it comes from so as to ensure everybody’s well-being and to making authentic, delicious food available to more people around the world.

The combination of the Greek climate, sea and sun, as well as the technology involved in the production process, guarantees the authenticity and quality of Minerva products.

The company

MINERVA S.A. took the first steps in the Greek olive oil market at the beginning of the 1900s and since then – during its more than 100 year history – it has gone a long way forward. MINERVA has become one of the country’s largest companies in the food market with significant export activities in 5 continent gone a long way forward.



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