• Mediterranean rye rusk bruschetta
    Prosciutto with grilled vegetables and Manouri ch eese
    2 per.
  • Summer appetizer with fruit
    6 per.
    Individual Cheese pies


  • Oven omelet with vegetables


  • Pepper tart with feta and sun dried tomato spread
    Homemade Chocolate Sauce with Balsamic Cream
    2-4 per.

Main dish

  • Eggplant with feta cheese
    Chicken with rice
  • Stuffed baked potatoes with gourmet white cheese with Mediterranean herbs, red peppers, oregano and thyme
    Chicken curry
  • Chicken with caramelized onions
    Chicken fillet with Minerva feta cheese & mint filling
  • Baked lamb with yogurt-feta crust
    Bass fish with spinach
  • Tagliatelle with yogurt and cheeses
    Macaroni with mussels
  • Baked fillet of tuna with P.D.O.* Kalamata olive oil Minerva
    6 per.
    Chicken and Mushroom Pasta with Balsamic Cream Sauce
    4 per.
  • Beef Sausage Tomato Sauce with Balsamic Cream
    4 per.
    Turkey with stuffing
  • Roasted fish with tomato and olive oil sauce
    Sweet and sour pork fillets
  • Greek Pizza
    Octopus with macaroni

Side dish

  • Grilled asparagus with Anthotyro cheese
    6 per.
    Cheese pie (without phylo)
  • Oil pie


  • Calf Talita with rocket and cherry tomatoes
    2 per.
    Rocket, xinomyzithra and sundried tomatoes salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette
    2 per.