Covering the second century of its existence, Minerva Ltd. is becoming one of the largest Greek food businesses. With continuous investments in the production facilities, investments in new products and the acquisition of other companies or products, Minerva broadens its activities in new fields of the wider food market.

Ceaseless research and continuous investments allow Minerva to broaden the variety of its products with the objective to cover the food needs of the modern day consumer all over the world. With the experience and the know-how of so many years Minerva can feel the needs of the market and it can launch products that combine quality with an innovative touch necessary to gain - above all - the consumers’ trust.

With strong brand names such as Chorio and Benecol, Minerva invests in the creation of innovative quality products.

  • The new series of organic products called Chorio feature olive oil (olive oil, olives, olive paste, margarine) as their basic ingredient. The company’s objective is to expand its range of products in the coming years in order to offer a comprehensive range of organic products.
  • The new series of butter under the brand name Chorio, the new fresh Greek butter from 100% pure cow’s milk and the Corfu-type butter which comes either soft or melted in jars.
  • The Benecol products, created in cooperation with the worldwide leading food company specializing in the reduction of cholesterol, Raisio Group, are enriched with plant stanol esters and are therefore the best choice for those who want to reduce their cholesterol effectively, while leading a healthy, balanced diet and lifestyle.

With constant investments, Minerva has created an important production base in Schimatari, a state-of-the-art factory, one of the best in Europe, where the ultra modern technological methods of production and packaging exist together with the true respect for the environment and the Greek nature.

The expansions and investments are continuous covering the always increasing needs for new products. The new expansion of the factory made to accommodate the new butter production unit, an investment of about 2.5 million euros was completed in spring 2009.

Minerva’s exporting activities, with olive oil being the major export product, started back in the ’50s. Today, MINERVA is the leading Greek exporting company of standardized olive oil with presence in 42 countries all over the world. Minerva’s products are available in all these countries through large and extensive distribution networks offering the opportunity to foreign consumers to experience the authentic taste and quality of Greek products.

Based on the power that comes from its own people, with the passion and the quality that distinguishes and characterizes Minerva for more than 100 years now, the company invests with consistency and reliability in products related with the everyday nutrition of consumers in Greece and 42 more countries.

The main corporate objective of Minerva is to preserve the character of a dynamic and constantly developing company by manufacturing new products that cater the needs of the modern day consumer based on the same principles and values that have led Minerva to what it has become today.


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