Olive Oils

More than any other Greek product, olive oil has become synonymous with the very essence of the healthy Mediterranean diet. The numerous health benefits, deriving from the olive fruits nutrients, turn olive oil into a daily necessity that should not be missing from any table.
As the number 1 Greek olive oil exporter, Minerva products stand out for their exquisite taste, the intense aroma, the fruity flavor of freshly picked olives and their rich and spicy texture.

Minerva Balsamic Vinegars

Τhe Greek proposal for Balsamic vinegar, a unique combination of renowned Greek ingredients from which an extraordinary range of products emerges! Let the delightful taste of Minerva Balsamic Vinegars guide you!

Olivové oleje

Více než jakýkoliv jiný řecký produkt se olivový olej stal synonymem pro zdravou středomořskou dietu. Nespočet benefitů, které pochází z oliv, mění olivový olej na produkt denní spotřeby, který by opravdu neměl chybět v žádné kuchyni a na žádném stole.

Jako číslo 1 v rámci řeckého trhu i exportu, produkty značky Minerva vyčnívají svou skvělou chutí, vůní a ovocnou příchutí čerstvě sesbíraných oliv s bohatou strukturou. 


Повече от всеки друг продукт, зехтинът се превърна в синоним на здравословната средиземноморска диета. Многобройните предимства за здравето идващи от хранителните вещества на плода на маслината превръщат зехтина в ежедневна необходимост, която не бива да липсва от масата на всеки един от нас.

Не е случайно това, че Минерва е износител №1 на гръцки зехтин, понеже продуктите на фирмата изпъкват с изключителния си вкус, наситен аромат, дъх на прясно откъснати маслини и богата текстура с подправки. 


Cheese Range
Feta cheese tops the list of Greek cheeses.
Exported all over the world, Feta cheese is an integral part of Mediterranean diet, with beneficial attributes and exquisite taste. It has been accorded protection under the European Union’s Protected Denomination of Origin (P.D.O.) provisions.
Minerva Feta cheese is made from 100% pure, Greek sheep and goat milk, from selected herds in the Greek countryside. It is made following the traditional recipe and it is let to patiently mature, in order to reach its fully body texture and its rich, unique flavour.


Minerva produces a wide range of vegetable spreads, with natural taste, using the finest vegetable oils, Greek yogurt and olive oil.
Both Minerva margarine with Greek olive oil and margarine with Greek strained yogurt combine the balanced flavour and velvety texture of margarine with all the pure elements and nutritional value that Greek olive oil and yogurt have to offer.

Minerva Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Minerva Sustainable Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Minerva Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Minerva Classic Olive Oil

P.D.O Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Minerva Feta Cheese (P.D.O.)

Minerva Organic Feta Cheese (P.D.O.)

Minerva Gourmet White Cheese

with Mediterranean herbs red peppers oregano & thyme

Minerva Margarine

with Greek extra virgin olive oil

Minerva Margarine

with Greek strained yogurt

Minerva Balsamic Vinegar from Greek wine

Minerva Balsamic Vinegar with Greek Honey

Minerva Apple Balsamic

Minerva Balsamic Cream