Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development is the development that covers the needs of today without compromising the potential of future generations to cover their own needs. In other words, it includes the aspect of care needed so that today’s growth does not undermine the development potential of future generations. Sustainable development, a Greek word in its origin – meaning the continuation and conservation of natural resources – constitutes today’s alternative solution to growth. Sustainable development is planned and realized taking into account the protection of the environment and its sustainability. Its objective is the highest possible yield of goods from the environment, without, however, affecting the natural production of such goods, in reasonable amounts, in the future.

Sustainable Development and Olive Oil

Olive oil is that priceless element of nutrition that we Greeks have been savoring and honoring for centuries. In order for future generations to enjoy this precious gift of the earth, today more than ever, it is imperative that we all act towards ensuring its abundance in the future too. Therefore we need to turn to more environmentally friendly farming, as well as to a friendlier land use for the future generations to find.

Minerva, the first company that bottled olive oil in Greece and associated its name is with the constant quest for innovation, is acting today for the future.

In collaboration with and under the supervision of the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICΗ), Minerva commits to, supports and rewards Good Agricultural Practices aimed at Sustainable Development. This is how Sustainability is achieved! Our extra virgin olive oil Chorio “Sustainable” constitutes proof of our commitment to sustainability.

By adopting Sustainable Development practices we secure the future of the natural environment, of the olive orchards and the production of olive oil. The people who live in the villages must continue to prosper and produce in the future. Chorio Sustainable from Minerva ensures that our children will continue to enjoy the great olive oil from the Greek villages, just as we are today.

Minerva Sustainable Extra Virgin Olive Oil

is a superior extra virgin olive oil with great taste and rich aroma.

It is 100% produced exclusively by Greek farmers who are certified at all stages of the production process for applying Good Agricultural Practices towards Sustainable Development.

Learn here the truth that lives inside a bottle of Minerva Sustainable Extra Virgin Oil!

Collaboration with the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania (MAICΗ)

Minerva, in collaboration with MAICΗ, is developing a new Standard, which includes the integrated management of olive orchards and their crops as well as the production and bottling of olive oil.

According to the new Standard, Good Agricultural Practices (specifications, directions and procedures) are applied so as to achieve fully documented control over the entire process of producing certified and traceable olive oil (from olive tree farming to olive oil bottling).

The Standard will initially be applied to selected pilot olive orchards and will focus on the four main environmental aspects related to the sustainability of olive oil production and the environmental impact of olive tree farming.

These aspects are:

  • Biodiversity (conserving the variety of animals and plants in an ecosystem)
  • Water footprint (conserving the water used for olive farming)
  • Energy Balance (conserving natural resources)
  • Reducing CO2 emissions

The objective of Good Agricultural Practices is to achieve Sustainable Development.
Learn more about MAICH and its collaboration with Minerva: